The satisfaction of our customers at the heart of our values

Nos valeurs

RAM ® environment shares the values of the Exel group of which it is a subsidiary.These values place the satisfaction of its customers as an essential condition of its development and its sustainability.

  • Customer satisfaction at the heart of our priorities
    Customer satisfaction is the mirror of our competence. The quality of the service rendered to our customers is a prerequisite to the development and sustainability of the group. Customer satisfaction, it is make it win beyond his expectation and make win our group beyond our objectives.
  • The love of the product
    Passion for the product generates the passion for work. Innovate it is bringing to our customers with new and useful to their needs real, sometimes unspoken responses. It is also to develop our products so that they are always more efficient and more competitive.
  • Progress to achieving excellence
    Tender to excellence, it is constantly looking to improve our offer to attract more customers, respect our methods and monitor the implementation of our plans of action.
  • The initiative is the engine of our progress and our successes
    We let each employee initiative respond rapidly, important or urgent issues. The initiative is required but the trust does not control.
  • Communication to strengthen the adhesion and cohesion
    Transparency requires honesty in all our relationships, daring all to say and accept all hear, in the respect of others. Information is a duty which allows each of our employees to situate its action within the Group and its environment.
  • Sustainable success is always collective
    Being solidarity, is to feel responsible for the implementation of a collective decision.
  • The pride of belonging
    Every employee is an Ambassador for the group, a recognized and respected person.