ATO-RAM® a solution for the remediation of buildings



To make accessible the technical room during maintenance operations, RAM® Environnement designed the atomization process ATO-RAM®, which create a fine fog of air and water, to bring down the dust. Spraying is done by a fine mixing of air and water thanks to nozzles in stainless steel. Output the venturi nozzle, water is mixed with compressed air at high frequencies and hit an ultrasonic resonator. By shock wave, mixing is splitted in millions of micro-droplets whose diameter is between 5 and 10 microns. With high range and low speed, these ultrasonic nozzles can cover up to several square meters. So they are installed in the periphery. By increasing the humidity, they can also cool the air.

The range

A spraying unit by atomization ATO-RAM® contains:

  • Water and air filtrations to spray a perfectly clean mixing, answering to the standards including anti-legionella;
  • An air and water piping network;
  • Ultrasonic nozzles distributed in the building, controlled by regulation panel;
  • On option, supply and installation of a pressurized water / or compressed air unit.