The Remote RAM-ED range


To supply several engines that do not have the space to install the embedded version, or do not have the hydraulic force, but also to supply several Fog-Cannons TURBO-RAM® during large demolitions operations, RAM® Environnement has created a range groups of remote mixing. Then you only have to assemble the spray booms on the engine. Available in two versions WT and OT:

  • WT (With Tank): version on skid, for connection to the water network by winding with mixing group medium pressure (water flow available from 3 to 72 m3/h) and power supply via network (generator in option);
  • OT (On Tank): autonomous with embedded group medium pressure on 2200 liters TR frame-tank, including winding and generator (optional).

Easy to install and transport, without structural modification of the engine, remote RAM-ED® is particularly suitable in urban use for excavators (all brands) or during caving operations with explosive or jacking.

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