RAM-ED®, a range of equipment for dust removal machines


The principle

The dust suppression being carried out by spraying on the dust emission points, RAM® Environnement has thus developed RAM-ED®, Dust Suppression Equipment embedded or remote (excavator, loader, scraper, boring machines, etc ...). The wet fog is perfectly directed towards the grinding point of the hydraulic clamp. The operation is automatic from the control station of the excavator. The equipment is supplied with all adaptation interfaces for all types of excavators (arms length up to 45 m).


  • A sustainable way to stabilize airborne during demolition, deconstruction operations, loading or unloading of materials from the Construction Sector;
  • For dust suppression in closed sites (sorting centre, collection centre and waste processing, tunnels, etc. ...);
  • For applications in dust suppression in drilling, tunnelling, demolition operations, but also for recycling sites;
  • For the treatment of odours with the ODO-RAM® process, the spraying being adapted to the specificities inherent in this different environment.

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