RAM-SPC®, stabilization of tracks and storage by control pluviometry

RAM-SPC careers


RAM-SPC® equipment allows to stabilize dust on tracks and storage in quarries and mining and industrial sites, to suppress flights created by wind and trucks traffic. The principle consists in defining on areas, an artificial rainfall perfectly controlled to maintain an automatic superficial humidity at least equivalent to the current superficial evaporation. In option, we propose an automatic supervision by weather PLC and the application of products which substitute water to win up to 90% of water from a manual watering.

Industrial installations

  • Specific equipment (control panel with programming PLC, presurization unit, piping network, anti-dust rainguns correctly located);
  • A PLC of controlled rainfall, according to the weather parameters (speed and direction of the wind, pluviometry, temperature, brightness) to apply the lowest quantity of water or evaporation retardant product;
  • A remote monitoring on computer.