TURBO-RAM® TRD 300 : A stand-alone mini mobile equipment suited to covered and semi-covered sites

TRD300 Top-Tank

RAM® Environnement launched its 300 mm diameter mini-TURBO CANON at the Intermat 2009, meeting the needs of dust suppression in covered sites (screening room, loading dock, storage box, etc. ...), but also for inner demolition , asbestos removal or for treatment of odours in semi-open site. Its 6 to 15 m range, combined with low power (less than 1kW at 240V) the TRD300 is available on modular chassis and handy (Tank-Top or Cobra), or arranged in frames, and can respond to the majority of the cases in point.

RAM® Environnement is the designer, manufacturer and renter (in Europe) of its wide range of TURBO-CANON patented in the EXEL Industries. Please check all information on the TURBO-RAM® Range at: www.action-turboram.com.