TURBO-RAM®, a full range of equipment to bring down dusts, to fix storage for a long time or fight against bad smells



TURBO-RAM® propels droplets of high performance with an original TURBO-CANON, enabling a uniform distribution over distances up to 35 to 40 meters. TURBO-RAM® is available in towed or fixed version with mechanical drive, hydraulic or electric motor. RAM Environnement designed specific active solutions appropriate to many applications and fully compatible with the TURBO-RAM®.


  • To permanently stabilize ore, coal or other materials storage through the application of a fixing surface treatment which allows, as a preventive or curative way, bring a reliable and sustainable solution against dust flights;
  • To bring down dust in closed sites (collection and waste treatment centers, tunneling, etc ...);
  • For dust applications in drilling, tunneling, demolition, but also recycling sites;
  • For odours treatment with ODO-RAM®, the spraying is adapted to the specificities of this different environment.
TURBO-RAM® in recycling TURBO-RAM® in recycling
TURBO-RAM® 2015 in demolition TURBO-RAM® 2015 in demolition
mini TURBO-RAM® top tank mini TURBO-RAM® top tank

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