VOLTA-RAM®, an electrostatic equipment to capture and enhance the industrial dust



VOLTA-RAM® is based on the technology of electrostaic filters used and unanimously appreciated by industry. The electric forces are used to separate particles and lead dusts molecules to receiving electrodes by a negative ionisation effect. Easy to maintain with its adjustable system of pneumatic knocking, it benefits from the global expertise of SAMES in piloting the high voltage and provides high performance capture (above 90%).

Clean, economical and ecological installations

  • Lightweight, easy to maintain and with a low consumption of electric power. (less than 3kW at 240V);
  • Recovery of fine in big-bags, silo or for restructuring in the finished products;
  • Standard modules, independent from each other, easy to implement on site;
  • Perfectly suitable for sites with no industrial water or drilling.
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VOLTA-RAM® has been designed in collaboration with SAMES TECHNOLOGIES, from EXEL Industries.

3D Volta-ram
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