Fixed installations

Dust suppression with SONIC DS ©

Dust suppression is a major factor in an industrial operation to meet health, safety and environmental standards.

While meeting these requirements, dust suppression has a direct impact on production by improving working and maintenance conditions.

Our SONIC-DS © system can be fitted to any type of installation and allows the control of dust emanating from the preparation or transformation of materials.

SONIC DS © reduces your dust emissions by up to 80% without altering the intrinsic properties of your materials with only a controlled supply of air and water adding no more than 0.1% moisture, this result being obtained without chemical additives.


Our latest generation DF043 atomising nozzles, with their unique global design, produce a very dense and ultra fine fog with water droplets of 1 to 10 microns.

The SONIC DS© system generates a dry fog that acts as a filter in which the finest inhalable and/or respirable dust particles are blocked and weighed down, resting on the materials.

SONIC DS © is designed to saturate an atmospheric volume with a fog in which the dust particles are agglomerated with water droplets of the same granulometry.

We therefore obtain a well known phenomenon of agglomeration of particles of different origins but of the same size.


The benefits of SONIC DS ©

  • Lowest water consumption on the market

  • Moisture supply reduced to 0.1% per treatment point

  • No chemical additives

  • Adaptation to all types of existing installations

  • Ready-to-use installations

  • Bleeding of the water circuit in case of freezing by pressurised air injection

  • Latest generation nozzles of globally unique design

  • Self-cleaning nozzles

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Performance warranty

Control unit

  • blank

The 20′ PNP control unit (L.6068 x W.2438 x H.2591 mm) is a specially designed container that provides a dedicated technical room for the complete dust suppression system. The equipment and layout of a PNP control unit is tailored to the customer’s requirements and needs.

Benefits: Preparation and installation in the workshop, quick and easy installation on the local site dedicated to the dust suppression system.
Examples of options: Double doors, lighting, insulation, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, pressurisation…

Dust suppression through spraying with or without additives

We also offer low pressure spraying/fogging systems with our flat jet, solid or hollow cone nozzles based on the points to be treated and the characteristics of the materials to avoid any risk of clogging.

The spraying can be applied with water only or by injecting a surfactant to make the water “wetting”, allowing better agglomeration of the water droplets on the dust particles.