Ram Environnement

With an expertise of more than 40 years RAM ENVIRONNEMENT © offers you innovative solutions, consulting and advising to guide you in your projects of dust abatement on your fixed and mobile installations, stabilization of tracks, lacquering of stocks as well as odor treatment.

In order to meet the regulatory obligations of the health at work related to the protection of the staff as well as the visual or/and harmful impact for the environment, RAM ENVIRONNEMENT © proposes various systems for a technical solution suited to each project.

A large range of TURBORAM © fogging cannons for dust and odor suppression

  • Ranges from 15 to 150 meters
  • Mobile equipment
  • Fixed equipment
  • Stand-alone equipment

♻︎ European Certified equipment 🇪🇺


Tailored misting and watering systems

  •  Spraying, misting of water over the sources of dust emission sources
  • Possibility of dosing a surfactant for a better fixation of dust particles
  • Automatic operation of the misting and spraying systems

♻︎ European Certified equipment 🇪🇺