Focus on the fog gun

I. What is a fog gun?

A fog gun is a device that disperses water in fine droplets to create a mist or fog effect. Its operating principle is based on high-pressure atomisation technology, which generates very fine droplets of water. The spray gun generally consists of a base, a high-pressure pump, a water tank, a fan and a series of nozzles through which the water is dispersed. It can also be equipped with an oscillation function to direct the mist in different directions.

How it works

A fog gun operates by filling the water tank. The high-pressure pump then pushes the water through the nozzles at high pressure. The nozzles are designed to break up the water into fine droplets, which are then propelled into the air by the fan. The water turns into mist when dispersed, creating a cooling effect. The fog produced by the cannon can reach a great distance, depending on the power of the fan.

Different types of fog cannons

There are various types of fog guns, depending on various criteria such as size, fogging range, water tank capacity, operating pressure and additional features.

  1. Mobile fog guns: These are compact and easy to transport. They are ideal for small jobs and outdoor events.
  2. Industrial fog guns: These models are larger and more powerful. They are generally used in large industrial installations for dust control and cooling.

Each type has specific features to meet the particular needs of its field of application. For example, some fog guns can be fitted with a remote control system, an automatic oscillation system, or a dosing system for adding smell neutralizing products.

II. Use and benefits of fog guns

Use case

Fog guns are often used in a variety of situations requiring dust reduction, smell dispersion or cooling of a given area. Construction sites, demolition sites, mines, landfill sites, open-air concerts and industrial sites are among the most common places where these devices are used. During periods of intense heat, they can also be used in public spaces or at outdoor events to cool the ambient air.


The first benefit of fog guns lies in their ability to effectively reduce the presence of airborne dust particles. This is especially beneficial on demolition, asbestos removal, construction and recycling sites, as well as in mines and quarries, where dust can present health risks. What’s more, by lowering the ambient temperature, they help to create a more comfortable working environment in hot weather. Finally, some models of mist cannons are also capable of diffusing smell neutralizing agents, which can be useful on landfill sites or industrial sites.


Despite the many benefits of fog guns, they also have a few drawbacks. First of all, their effectiveness depends largely on weather conditions: for example, in strong winds, the mist may be dispersed before it reaches its target. Furthermore, they consume large quantities of water, which can pose problems in regions where this resource is scarce.

III. How to choose a fog gun

Factors to take into account

When buying a fog gun, you need to consider a number of key factors to ensure that it meets your specific needs. Firstly, the size and range of the gun are important. If you’re working on a large site, you’ll need a gun with a long range to cover the whole area effectively. Likewise, if you need to move the gun regularly, a smaller, more mobile model may be preferable.

Another factor to consider is the water consumption of the gun. Cannons that consume a lot of water may be more effective at reducing dust, but they can also be expensive to operate, especially in areas where water is scarce or expensive.

Last but not least, you should also consider the barrel’s durability and ease of maintenance. Some fog guns are designed to withstand tough conditions and require little maintenance, while others may need frequent repair.

Buying tips

When buying a fog gun, it can be useful to ask around to get an idea of the performance and reliability of the model you’re considering. We recommend that you use a reputable supplier who can provide support and assistance if required. Ram Environnement will be able to support and advise you throughout your decision-making process.

It can also be useful to see the gun in action before you buy. If possible, ask for a product demonstration or hire to make sure it works the way you want it to. We have several demonstration videos on the site.

Lastly, don’t forget to consider the running costs of the gun. If the gun uses a lot of water or requires a lot of maintenance, these costs can add up over time. Make sure you factor these factors into your total budget.