Fogging in recomposition hoppers

Fogging in recomposition hoppers

We would like to thank the Eiffage Group for renewing its confidence in us to treat dust emissions caused by the unloading of materials in the recomposition hoppers

Recomposition Hopper Fogging Project: An Effective Solution to Control Dust Emissions on Construction Sites

A long-standing partnership

The Eiffage group, one of France’s leading construction and public works companies, recently renewed its confidence in Ram environnement, a company specializing in dust treatment on construction sites. The goal of this collaboration is to set up an effective misting system for the recomposition hoppers used during material unloading. This solution will significantly reduce dust emissions, thus improving air quality on construction sites and the health of workers.

Dust problems in power plants

The unloading of materials into sand or gravel recomposition hoppers causes significant dust emissions. These emissions not only pollute the ambient air, but can also harm the health of workers on the site, causing respiratory problems and irritation of the eyes and skin. Dust emissions also contribute to environmental degradation and soil and water pollution.

Solution: fogging of the recomposition hoppers

In order to solve this problem, Ram environnement/Teclinea has developed an innovative fogging system which allows to reduce considerably the dust emissions during the unloading of materials in the recomposition hoppers. This process consists in spraying fine water droplets on the materials when they are discharged, thus creating a moisture screen which limits the flight of dust particles.

Benefits of fogging

Fogging has several advantages for the Eiffage Group and for all those involved in the worksite:

  1. Improvement of air quality: by limiting dust emissions, fogging preserves air quality on the site and in the surrounding area, reducing the environmental impact of the work.
  2. Protection of workers’ health: reducing dust in the air reduces the risk of eye, skin and respiratory tract irritation for workers on the site.
  3. Respect for environmental regulations: by adopting innovative solutions to limit dust emissions, the Eiffage Group is testifying to its commitment to respecting current environmental standards and promoting responsible practices in the construction sector.


The fogging project for recomposition hoppers carried out in collaboration with the Eiffage Group and Ram environnement/Teclinea illustrates the importance of adopting innovative solutions to limit the environmental and health impacts of construction sites. This collaboration will not only improve air quality on construction sites and protect workers’ health, but will also reinforce the responsible and sustainable image of the Eiffage Group with its customers and partners.

Companies in the construction and public works sector must continue to innovate and seek for sustainable solutions to minimise their environmental impact and ensure healthy and safe working conditions for their employees. The success of this recomposition hopper fogging project should inspire others in the sector to adopt similar technologies to effectively combat dust emissions and contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment for all.