Technical room for complete dust suppression system

Technical room for complete dust suppression system

Each air/water dust suppression system requires a technical room to accommodate the heart of the installation (filtration, water tank, compressor, air supply, condensate filtration, distribution rack, electrical cabinet, lighting, heating).

As a general rule, we supply a new, insulated 20′ container equipped with this equipment in our workshops

Dust suppression room: a durable and customizable solution for industry

Air pollution by dust is a major issue for industries and the environment. In order to face this problem, Ram Environnement/Teclinea proposes innovative air/water dust suppression systems, requiring a dedicated technical room. In this report, we will introduce you to the benefits of this solution, the key elements that make up the heart of the installation, as well as the different possible applications to meet the specific needs of industries.

The technical room for dust suppression

Each dust suppression system designed by Ram Environnement/Teclinea has a specific technical room. This houses the heart of the installation, comprising the following elements:

  1. Filtration: An efficient filtration system is essential to remove solid particles. The filters used are designed to effectively trap particles, while allowing an optimal water flow.
  2. Water tank: It’s used to store the water necessary for air/water atomisation, allowing dust particles to be captured. The water tank is equipped with an automatic water level management system, ensuring a constant and regulated water supply.
  3. Compressor: This equipment provides the compressed air needed for air/water atomisation. The choice of compressor depends on the requirements of each installation in terms of air flow and pressure.
  4. Air tank: This air tank is used to supply the system with compressed air and to regulate the pressure. The capacity of the air supply is adapted to the specific needs of each installation to ensure optimum performance.
  5. Condensate filtration: This is essential for separating condensate from the compressed air and ensuring air quality. Condensate is collected and safely disposed of to avoid contamination.
  6. Distribution Rack: This is used to distribute water and compressed air to the various points of use in the system. The distribution rack is designed to ensure even and efficient distribution of water and compressed air.

This rack also allows the entire water system to be purged with compressed air.

  1. Electrical cabinet: it centralizes and protects the electrical connections of the installation. The electrical cabinet is equipped with circuit breakers, protective relays and a centralized management system to ensure the safety and performance of the installation.

  1. Lighting and heating: comfort and safety equipment for the operators working in the technical room. The lighting is adapted to the standards in force, while the heating allows a comfortable ambient temperature to be maintained in order to prevent frost, particularly in cold environments.

A modular and insulated container

In order to offer a ready-to-use solution, Ram Environnement usually provides a new, insulated 20-foot container, pre-equipped with all the necessary components in our workshops. This container has several benefits:

  • Modular: the container can be adapted to the specific needs of each client, both in terms of capacity and functionality. Additional options, such as a remote monitoring and control system, can be integrated according to the project requirements.
  • Transportable: Thanks to its compact structure, the container can be easily moved and installed at different locations. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for industries that need temporary solutions or for those that change rapidly.
  • Isolation: Optimized thermal insulation ensures a temperature-controlled environment. The isolation also helps to reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling, making the solution more environmentally friendly.

Potential applications

Ram Environnement’s dust suppression room is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including

  • Mining industry: extraction, crushing and transport of ores.
  • Cement and lime industry: production, handling and storage of materials.
  • Metal industry: foundries, steel and aluminum plants.
  • Wood industry: sawing, sanding and surface treatment.
  • Food industry: processing and storage of products.
  • Recycling industry: sorting, crushing and compacting of waste.

Our dust suppression room

The dust abatement technical room proposed by Ram Environnement/Teclinea is a durable, efficient and adaptable solution to fight against air pollution in industries. Thanks to a new and insulated container, equipped with the key elements of the air/water atomisation system, companies have a turnkey solution to ensure a healthy and environmentally friendly environment. In addition, the flexibility and scalability of this solution allows it to meet the specific needs of each industry, thus offering an adapted response to the environmental challenges of today and tomorrow.