The SaniJet DF05 portable electric fogger/nebulizer is designed for proximity applications, allowing to obtain an adjustable fine fogging, equipped with a tank that allows to add disinfectant, insecticide, deodorant.

Therefore, the SaniJet DF05 is compatible with asbestos removal and disinfection applications and can be used in health care facilities, schools, public places and means of transport.

However, the user must refer to the disinfectant manufacturer’s instructions, follow the recommendations for use and check its European approval.

Specs :

Range without wind (m)5 to 10m
Covered area (m²)6.5
No. of nozzles3
Water consumption (l/hrs)0 to 19
Power (W)1000
Pump power (kW)NO
Tilt (°)-20 to +40
Wobbling (°)NO
Electrical connection230 V
Water tank (L)4
Dimensions (mm)286 x 260 x 413
Weight (Kg)4.5