The TURBORAM TRD15-SC is a fogger mainly adapted to small demolition works, asbestos removal, sorting areas, sandblasting, sawing, or to refresh a working area. Compact, lightweight and economical, the TRD15-SC is ideal for small configurations.

The TRD15-SC can be supplied directly from the network (3 to 9 bars) or from its 50 l water tank which, equipped with a pump, allows sufficient pressure to be built up to the nozzles.

The TRD15-SC can also be used to disinfect or sanitize large areas.

Important: Because of its small size, the TURBORAM TRD15-SC can be transported in a utility vehicle such as a Berlingot, Partner or Kangoo…

Specs :

Range without wind (m)15
Covered area (m²)40
No. of nozzles11
Droplet size (µ)150 to 200
Water consumption (l/hrs)0 to 90
Fan power (kW)0.28
Pump power (kW)0.47
Operating pressure (bar)20 to 25
Tilt (°)180
Water connectionQuick couplings
(Gardena type)
Supply pressure (bar)0 to 9
Electrical connection (V)230
Dimensions (mm)1.417 x 919 x 1.043
Weight (kg)75