TRD 40 to 150-WTT

RAM ENVIRONNEMENT © is able to combine perfect autonomy with formidable efficiency.

Suitable for the treatment of runways, stocks, loading areas and many other applications, the TRD40 to 150-WTT is a global solution for dust suppression.


Range without wind (m)40 to 150 depending on model
Covered area (m²)Depending on use
No. of nozzles16 to 68
Water consumption (l/hrs)0 to 15.000
Fan power (kW)3 to 45
Pump power (kW)1.5 to 11
Operating pressure (bar)20 to 40
Built-in filter (microns)150
Wobbling (°)0 to 320
Tilt (°)-15 to +60 depending on model
Electrical connectionIntegrated generator
Water tank capacity (L)15.000
TractorMAN or IVECO
Options available– Fire hose
– Front ramp for watering the runways
– Rear ramp for watering the runways