TRD 90

The TURBORAM TRD90 is a high power fogger mainly designed for high demolition works, construction, mining & quarrying, port handling and recycling activities.

Mobile and powerful, the TRD90 is the solution for dust suppression within a range of 90 meters.

Specs :

Range without wind (m)90
Covered area (m²)22.000
No. of nozzles34
Water consumption (l/hrs)500 to 3500
Fan power (kW)18
Pump power (kW)4
Operating pressure (bar)20 to 25
Tilt (°)-15 to +60
Wobbling (°)0 to 320
Electrical connectionTri 400 V – 63 A
5-pin male plug63 A
Water connectionGuillemin 2″ connection
(fireman’s connection)
Built-in filter (microns)150
Supply pressure (bar)1 to 9
Dimensions (mm)1.914 x 1.425 x 2.307
Weight (Kg)700
Options available– Electrical oscillation
– Electric tilt
– 5.5 kW pump (4,500 l/h)
– Fogging can be divided into 50/100% sectors
– Radio control
– Water treatment by UV lamp
– Stainless steel electrical cabinet
– Fan speed control
– Variable speed pump
– Anti-frost protection
– Mounting on wheels
– Skid mounted with generator
– Trailer mounted with water tank and generator
– Mounting on an ampliroll platform