Thermal power station

Thermal power station

Thermal power stations valuing bagasse (fibrous residue from sugar cane crushing) generate a very volatile dust.

Teclinea/Ram Environnement have equipped many power stations with dust abatement systems.

Ram Environnement/Teclinea equip thermal power stations with innovative systems to reduce dust emissions from bagasse.

The valorization of bagasse in thermal power plants

Thermal power stations using bagasse, a fibrous residue from sugarcane crushing, play a major role in the production of renewable energy from biomass. Bagasse is a sustainable and abundant source of energy in regions where sugarcane is grown, such as tropical and subtropical countries. By burning bagasse to produce heat and electricity, thermal power stations are able to valorize this residue, which would otherwise be a waste product, and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. This form of renewable energy also contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, thus helping to combat climate change.

Issues related to dust emissions

However, the combustion of bagasse in thermal power stations generates highly volatile dust, which can affect air quality and the health of personnel. The fine particles from these emissions can cause respiratory problems. To solve this problem and protect public health, Ram Environnement has developed and installed dust suppression systems in many thermal power plants.

Ram Environnement/Teclinea dust suppression systems

These innovative systems, based on dust suppression technologies, allow to significantly reduce dust emissions. They contribute to improving air quality and minimizing the impact on the health of employees. By capturing and reducing fine particles, these dust suppression systems also optimize the performance of thermal power stations and reduce their environmental footprint. Their implementation is a proof of Ram Environnement/Teclinea’s will to propose sustainable solutions for a clean and responsible energy future.

Ram Environnement/Teclinea’s commitment to a clean energy future

Ram Environnement/Teclinea is proud to contribute to the energy transition by proposing environmentally friendly solutions for the valorization of biomass, in particular bagasse. Through its efforts, the company has succeeded in implementing an efficient and sustainable technology to combat dust emissions from thermal power stations.

By installing its dust suppression system in many power stations, Ram Environnement/Teclinea demonstrates its commitment to a clean and responsible energy future. The company will continue to work to develop new solutions to minimize the environmental impact of biomass energy production. This includes not only the continuous improvement of dust suppression systems, but also the research and development of cleaner and more efficient technologies for the combustion of bagasse and other biomass sources.