TURBORAM reveals the TRD90 Sledge, a 100% self-contained fogging solution for large area stock painting operations

TURBORAM TRD90 Sledge for 100% autonomous misting.

14 m3 water reserve

On-board generator

Fogging range: 90 m

The unit is assembled on an ampliroll platform for easy mobility.

All functions are remotely controlled from the truck cab

Ideal for stock painting operations on large surfaces

A stand-alone solution for lacquering operations

The fogging specialist TURBORAM has recently launched its new TRD90 Sledge system, a 100% self-contained fogging unit designed to simplify and optimize large area stock painting operations. This cutting-edge innovation promises to facilitate the management of industrial projects requiring precise and controlled humidification, improving working conditions and reducing operational costs.

Capacity and energy autonomy for extended use

The TRD90 Sledge is equipped with a 14 m3 water tank, allowing extended autonomy during operations and reducing the need for frequent refilling. It is also equipped with an on-board generator, ensuring a reliable source of power to keep the system running, even in the most remote areas.

Impressive fogging range to cover large areas

The fogging range is up to 90 metres, allowing large areas to be covered quickly and efficiently. This feature makes the TRD90 Sledge particularly suitable for large industrial environments, such as outdoor storage areas, construction areas and production sites.

Mobility and easy transport for rapid deployment

The entire unit is assembled on an ampliroll platform, providing a simple mobility solution for easy transport and installation on site. This modular design allows professionals to quickly deploy the TRD90 Sledge where it is needed most, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Remote control for optimum control and safety

All functions of the TRD90 Sledge can be remotely controlled from the truck cab, providing increased comfort and safety for operators. This innovative feature allows remote control of fogging parameters and real-time adjustment of settings as required, while reducing the risks associated with direct exposure to paint products.

Varied applications in industry to suit modern challenges

The TRD90 Sledge is ideal for stock painting operations in large areas, such as warehouses, outdoor storage areas and construction sites. Thanks to its ease of use, autonomy and mobility, this fogging solution is a major asset for industry professionals, allowing them to improve the quality and durability of treatments applied to stored materials.

TURBORAM: a major player in fogging for industry

TURBORAM continues to innovate by offering high performance solutions tailored to the needs of professionals, confirming its position as a leader in the fogging and humidification sector. The TRD90 Sledge is the latest example of the company’s commitment to providing high quality products to meet modern industrial challenges.

Energy saving and environmental awareness

The TRD90 Sledge system is also designed to minimize energy consumption and environmental impact. With its on-board generator and ability to operate autonomously, CO2 emissions are reduced, contributing to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable operation.

Future prospects for TURBORAM and the fogging market

With the launch of the TRD90 Sledge, TURBORAM is consolidating its position in the market by offering state-of-the-art solutions to meet the changing needs of the industry. The company plans to continue to invest in research and development to expand its product range and offer even more effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

The fogging market is growing fast, driven by the increasing demands for quality, safety and environmental awareness in industry. TURBORAM is well positioned to take advantage of this trend and continue to develop as a major player in the field of fogging and humidification.